Google chrome 27 stable released

Google chrome 27 stable is now available download for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame.

What’s new in this release?

Web pages load 5% faster on average
chrome.syncFileSystem API
Improved ranking of predictions, improved spell correction, and numerous fundamental improvements for Omnibox predictions.

Security fixes:

Use-after-free in SVG.
Out-of-bounds read in v8.
Bad cast in clipboard handling.
Use-after-free in media loader.
Use-after-free in Pepper resource handling.
Use-after-free in widget handling.
Use-after-free in speech handling.
Use-after-free in style resolution.
Memory safety issues in Web Audio.
Use-after-free in media loader.
Use-after-free race condition with workers.
Possible data extraction with XSS Auditor.
Possible XSS with drag+drop or copy+paste.

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google chrome 27

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