Google chrome 24 stable released

Google just released chrome stable update 24.0.1312.52 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame. What’s new in this chrome update ?

support for MathML
update to Flash (

Security fixes:

Use-after-free in SVG layout.
Same origin policy bypass with malformed URL.
Use-after-free in DOM handling.
Missing filename sanitization in hyphenation support.
Integer overflow in audio IPC handling.
Use-after-free when seeking video.
Integer overflow in PDF JavaScript.

Out-of-bounds read when seeking video.
Out-of-bounds stack access in v8.
Integer overflow in shared memory allocation.
Missing Mac sandbox for worker processes.
Use-after-free in PDF fields.
Out-of-bounds reads in PDF image handling.
Bad cast in PDF root handling.
Corruption of database metadata leading to incorrect file access.
Crash in v8 garbage collection
and more

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