Google Chrome 23 stable released

Google just released chrome 23 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame, a new stable version of its popular browser. What’s new in this chrome 23 stable ?

GPU-accelerated video decoding enabled for Chrome on Windows.
battery lasted 25% longer when GPU-accelerated video decoding was enabled.
Now easier to view and control any website’s permissions for capabilities such as geolocation, pop-ups, and camera/microphone access.
Includes an option to send a “do not track” request to websites and web services.

Integer overflow leading to out-of-bounds read in WebP handling.
Out-of-bounds array access in v8.
Use-after-free in SVG filter handling.
Integer bounds check issue in GPU command buffers.
Use-after-free in video layout.
Inappropriate load of SVG subresource in img context.
Race condition in Pepper buffer handling.
Bad cast in input handling.
Out-of-bounds reads in Skia.
Memory corruption in texture handling.
Use-after-free in extension tab handling.
Use-after-free in plug-in placeholder handling.
Bad write in v8.

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