Enable AppImage Support in Ubuntu 23.04

AppImage not working in Ubuntu 23.04 problem.Ubuntu 23.04 comes with a newer version of FUSE (Filesystem in UserSpace) ( FUSE 3). But most AppImages require and need the old FUSE 2 version to run.

Note: If you upgrade from the older Ubuntu version to the new Ubuntu 23.04. Then you don’t need to install FUSE2. You already have the latest FUSE 2 in your system. and the AppImage will work without any problem.

How to Activate AppImage Support in Ubuntu 23.04

You need to install the older version of FUSE 2 on your Ubuntu system.

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Install FUSE 2 On Ubuntu 23.04

Open the terminal application using the ctrl+alt+t keys and run the below command.

sudo apt install libfuse2

It will install the FUSE 2 on your system and now you can run any AppImage portable file.

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