Beeftext Text Snippet Application – Perform Repetitive Text Related Tasks

Beeftext is a free and open source text snippet application for Windows. With Beeftext, you can effortlessly save any text that you frequently type and employ it in situations where text repetition occurs. This user-friendly copy-paste application allows you to save email signatures for various contacts, paste lengthy, similar text into chats, and perform various other repetitive text-related tasks. It is written in C++ using the Qt framework and is released under the MIT License.

Beeftext Text Snippet app

Download Beeftext

Download Beeftext from the above download link and install in your system. The downloaded file name is around 10MB. It is also available as a portable application.

It features a 2-pane user interface, where you can organize text snippets into groups and combos. Combos are text snippets meant for pasting into various applications, while groups are used to categorize them efficiently. Additional features include system tray support, the ability to filter text snippets by keyword or name, snippet previews, and timestamps of when they were created.

How to Use Beeftext

To add a new combo (text snippet), you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, give your combo a name for easy identification. Next, select the group in which you’d like to save it. Lastly, assign a keyword that will trigger the combo.

Beeftext app

Once these details are set, input the text snippet content that you want the combo to replace when the keyword is used.


Here’s where Beeftext truly shines. Imagine you’re working in any application, whether it’s Notepad, Firefox, or any other program. When you need to insert one of your saved snippets, all you have to do is type the designated keyword. Beeftext will seamlessly substitute the keyword with the associated snippet, saving you valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual typing.

Here, I’m storing a text snippet using the keyword “manikandan.” Whenever I type “manikandan” in any application, it automatically gets replaced by the saved text snippet.

You can also manually copy your text snippet by right-clicking on it. This allows you to copy the snippet or manage the combo settings with ease.

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