Basilisk XUL-based Firefox Fork – How to install Basilisk Browser on Ubuntu

Basilisk is a XUL-based free and Open Source Firefox fork for Windows and Linux. It is created by the developer of the Pale Moon browser. It supports JavaScript’s ECMAscript 6 standard, legacy NPAPI plugins, XUL/Overlay Mozilla-style extensions, ALSA on Linux, WebAssembly (WASM), advanced Graphite font shaping, modern web cryptography. It is based on the Gecko fork Goanna rendering engine. It is still in active development. It does not use Rust or the Photon on UI.

Run Basilisk Browser on Ubuntu

You don’t need to install Basilisk Browser on Ubuntu. It comes as a portable tarball package.

Download Basilisk Browser

Go to the above download page and download the latest linux tarball. It is available in 64bit only. Right click on the the downloaded file. it will look like “basilisk-latest.linux64.tar.xz” and select extract here. Then open the extracted Basilisk folder. Double click on the “basilisk” executable file or right click and select Run or Execute to run Basilisk Browser on Ubuntu.

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If you will not find any Run option then right click go to properties permission and select allow this file run as Program option. That’s it.

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