WinDirStat Visual Disk Usage & Cleanup

WinDirStat a free, open-source disk usage analyzer and cleanup software for Microsoft Windows Mac OS X. WinDirStat is a visual insight into your storage usage. Short for “Windows Directory Statistics,” WinDirStat lives up to its name by meticulously scanning your data drives, providing an organized breakdown of space allocation through an intuitive tree-based hierarchy and detailed graphical representation. Each file and folder is visually represented, with larger squares indicating greater space consumption.


This application goes beyond mere visualization; it empowers users with the ability to analyze local partitions or entire hard disk drives, presenting results in a colorful graphical interface that vividly depicts space utilization. Moreover, WinDirStat doubles as a cleanup utility, facilitating the removal of space-hogging files directly from its user-friendly interface. Its standout feature lies in its capacity to identify the largest space-consuming files, enabling users to make informed decisions about what to delete.

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However, for Windows users, WinDirStat remains the go-to choice, providing unparalleled insights into disk usage and efficient cleanup capabilities.

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