Vivaldi browser Snapshot released

Vivaldi browser Snapshot is now available for download and testing. What’s new in this Snapshot?

vivaldi navigation
clearer search engine editor.
New Mouse gesture customization options.
Improve usability of adding URLs to “startup with specific pages”
Spatial navigation improvements.
vivaldi mouse
Spatial nav does not go into article with teasers at Heise
V menu regressions
Vivaldi not asking for admin rights during update when installed as “all users”
Paste as plaintext grayed out
Paste and Go menu item missing on main Mac menu
Restore settings button have wrong position when Settings maximized
Keyboard settings titles splitted
CTRL + U opens tab in HTML code instead of underline text in textfield
Importing bookmarks from Opera 15+ only imports “Bookmarks Bar” folder
Mac does not detect pepper flash
Settings page category sidebar layout is defective
Prevent closing a pinned tab with either the middle mouse button or a double click
Auto-update on mac should check on startup, like the win version
Speed dial doesn’t animate correctly between groups/tabs
Address is not loaded back to the address field if it is erased

Download Vivaldi browser Snapshot [Direct links]

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows

32-bit Linux DEB

64-bit Linux DEB

32-bit Linux RPM

64-bit Linux RPM


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