Unable to create directory.Is its parent directory writable by the server

When you move your wordpress blog from one to another host you may face image upload error. The error message is “Unable to create directory /x******Y*****Z/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2010/02. Is its parent directory writable by the server?”.
The error message means either the above given path is not correct where the server wants to write the image OR the server itself does not have the permissions (CHMOD) to upload your image?.Solutions for this error

1.Login to Wp-admin, click on Settings and then choose Media option from the left menu and check the path if the path is not correct (ie. for default wp-content/uploads) change it to this.
2.If you still have the same problem, login to the file manager or your ftp client and change the permission of your Wp-content folder to 755.

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  1. Javier

    I just migrating, moving my wordpress to new server and the solution just exactly problem I facing. I thought it would be mess my day but not anymore…

  2. Michael

    I have WP 3.2.1

    There is no place to set the server path.

    The only thing on the Media Settings page is

    Image sizes


  3. Norm

    It’s a shame that the only other post is a spam entry. Per this article I had just moved my blog from iPage to Gator and everything was finally working, and then I tried to place a photo. I got the error message above.
    Many posts I ran across kept mentioning something about the file path. Whoopee. Which file path?? I mean I was thinking database, permissions in the file manager. Even interference from the planet Uranus. Support led me down the garden path for file permissions. Then FINALLY I ran across this little arkle and what do you know? I fixed the problem in about 5 seconds. Like who knew???? Thank you very much.It’s the kindest thing you could have done for me!!! Wow!

    1. admin

      Media under settings

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