Thunderbird 38.0.1 released with lots of new features and fixes

Thunderbird 38.0.1 is now available for download.Thunderbird 38.0.1 contains underlying code that is based off of Firefox 38.0.1esr. There was no Thunderbird 38.0 release. What’s new in this release?

thunder bird

GMail supports OAuth2 authentication, removing the need to manually select “allow less secure applications” in Google options for the account.
Ship Lightning calendar addon with Thunderbird and enable with an opt-out dialog.

thunder bird address book search
Filter sent messages
Filter messages when archived
Enable search in multiple/all address books
Add support for Yahoo Messenger in Chat

thunder bird chat
Support Internationalized domain name URLs for RSS feeds
Show expanded columns in folder pane
Allow file-per-message (maildir) local message storage
Add a Learn more link to the support page in feeds subscribe dialog
Add reading position marker line to conversations
The editor for twitter should show inputtable character count
Thunderbird will no longer use SHA-1 to sign messages
Removed rarely used character sets: T.61-8bit, non-encoding Mac encoders, VISCII, x-viet-tcvn5712, x-viet-vps x-johab, ARMSCII8 , map us-ascii to windows-1252, ISO-8859-6-I and -E and ISO-8859-8-E
Disable CONDSTORE support for IMAP to prevent discrepancies in IMAP message status (deleted, unread) on
some servers
Make OpenSearch queries open in the user’s default browser
Default to using SSL for XMPP and IRC. This might cause issues for self-signed certificates

Replied/forwarded icons disappear after folder repair, detach/delete
Attachment “Save As” files are displayed in Tools/Saved Files
Adding unknown email addresses to Mailing list, then deleting ghost duplicate entries from contacts pane, caused dataloss in mailing list
Web site from RSS feed was not rendered correctly
Email address with leading/trailing whitespace displayed wrongly with added quotes when composing [“foo”]
Force display of Sender header if S/MIME sender is the signer
Addressing autocomplete widget: Typed text in red despite results/matches found if suggestions change by last input
Status bar not accessible
Wrong folder may be deleted when requesting junk delete
Severe UI stutter or freezes getting new mail for very large folders
Automatically rejoin multi-user conversations on reconnect for XMPP
Various improvements when using IRC on moznet
Significantly improve XMPP support
Fixes for connecting to non-standard IRC networks
Automatically reclaim IRC nicks during a reconnect
Changing location in editor doesn’t preserve the font when returning to end of text/line
Inline spell checker loses red underlines after a backspace is used

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