Thrive Evolution Simulation Game

Thrive is a free and open source evolution of life simulation game for Linux, Windows and MacOS. In this game you need to control an organism on an alien planet and compete with other species. It comes with Microbe, Multicellular, Aware, Awakening, Society, Industrial and Space stages. The main goal is to guide your creature and survive.


Download Thrive Launcher [Windows,Linux,MacOS] recommended

Download Thrive [Windows,Linux,MacOS] manual installation

How to Install Thrive Game on Ubuntu Linux

For easiest installation, download the latest version of the Thrive game launcher in .AppImage file format from the above launcher download link and save it on your Downloads folder. Here “Thrive-Launcher-1.3.2.AppImage” is the downloaded game launcher file name. You can change below command based on your downloaded launcher file name.

In the terminal (ctrl+alt+t) run below commands one by one.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ Thrive-Launcher-1.3.2.AppImage

Thrive game launcher

Now in the launcher click the Play button. It will download and install the latest version of Thrive game and automatically start the game.

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Install Thrive game via Flatpak:

First install flatpak and flathub on your system and restart it after the installation . Now in the terminal app run below command to install the latest version of Thrive flatpak game.

flatpak install flathub com.revolutionarygamesstudio.ThriveLauncher

After that you can run Thrive using this command.

flatpak run com.revolutionarygamesstudio.ThriveLauncher

And uninstall this game using

sudo flatpak uninstall com.revolutionarygamesstudio.ThriveLauncher

That’s it.

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