TeXworks TeX Document Editor

TeXworks is a free and open source TeX document editor application for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It comes with pdfTeX, pdfLaTex, LuaTex, LuaLaTex, BibTex MakeIndex and XeTeX typesetting engines support. It generate PDF documents as the default formatted output. You can also configure a processing path based on DVI. it comes with build-in integrated PDF viewer, source/preview synchronization support.


Download TeXworks

Install TeXworks on Ubuntu Linux

TeXworks is available as Ubuntu PPA. Open terminal software using ctrl+alt+t keys and run below commands one by one. During the PPA addition you need to confirm by pressing the Enter key and Ubuntu user password.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:texworks/stable
sudo apt update
sudo apt install texworks

This will install the latest version of TeXworks on your system. you can open it via below command or via applications menu.


That’s all.

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