Terminology Terminal Emulator

Terminology is a free and open source fastest terminal emulator for Linux and BSD. It is based on Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. You ca use this as vt100 terminal emulator. It comes with 256 color support and color customize, config panels, run all your regular terminal apps, scroll back in RAM, secure data, OpenGL support, sound alert support, file download, play video or animated gif and more.

Terminology Terminal Emulator

How to Install Terminology on Ubuntu

You can install Terminology terminal on your Ubuntu Linux system using below command in the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t).

sudo apt-get install terminology -y 

After the installation you can open it using the show apps menu ot via below command in the terminal.


Just click the right mouse button or hold the left one down for about a second to bring up the configuration menu of the Terminology app.

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You can also install it via Terminology snap package from snap store. In the terminal run below Terminology snap command.

sudo snap install terminology --classic

Start Terminology from the Show apps menu. You can also uninstall it using below command.

sudo snap remove terminology
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