TeraCopy – Best Windows copy handler alternative

TeraCopy is a free windows software to move and copy files at the maximum possible speed. It is one of the best alternative for the default windows copy handler. TeraCopy is free for non-commercial use only.It is also available as a paid version with some extra features.

The main feature of TeraCopy is faster file copy. Because it uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce the seek times. And it also uses the asynchronous file copying. You can pause and resume file transfer activities at any time.

Teracopy replaces the default windows explorer copy and move function completely. You can view the failed file transfers in the list and it lets you fix the problem. It will try to copy several times or skip the file, if an error occured without terminating the entire transfer.

teracopy full

You can also shutdown the computer or eject the drive after the file transfer.

Download TeraCopy (Direct link)

Download TeraCopy

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  1. Zirax

    I use Gs Richcopy 360

  2. george renee

    Limited to copy files only. Could use a file interface with more options (Rename, move, open, etc,..Better to use an alternative like gs richcopy 360/robocopy etc.

  3. vikas khandola

    use robocopy

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