How to Enable Google Workspace in Your Gmail Google Account – Google Workspace is now free for everyone

Google recently announced one good news to all google account users that Google Workspace is free to every user. That means if you have a Gmail or Google account then you activate all Google Workspace formerly known as G Suite…

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How to setup Mail account in Windows 10 mail app

Windows 10 comes with the pre installed default Mail app.This mail app is first introduced in windows 8.A very good advantage of using the Mail client instead is that new messages will appear in the Windows 10 Action Center’s notifications pane. To setup the mail account in Windows 10 mail app, first go to the Windows Start button and select All apps and then click the mail app or type mail in the windows search box on the taskbar and select the mail app.

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WAV Player for Gmail

Author’s Description:
WAV Player for Gmail is a google chrome extension that Adds an embedded player within Gmail messsages containing audio files in the WAV format.This extension will insert an html audio tag if the email contains a .wav file attachment so that you can play the message inline, without having to download it.
This extension works great if you get your voicemail messages emailed to you in WAV format.

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New look, Gmail

what’s new?

Click the switch to the new look link in the bottom-right of Gmail.
Redesigned conversation view
New profiles pictures for contacts
spacing between elements on the screen will automatically change based on the kind of display you’re using.
New high resolution themes.
More customizable left navigation panel.
new advanced search panel

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New gmail login page

Today google has changed gmail’s home page look and feel similar to Google+. Just click preview our new look at the bottom of the sign-in page of the gmail to swithch to the new gmail login page. For a limited time, you’ll be able to switch back to the old look by clicking Back to old page link at the bottom .For feedback click the below link.

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Email intervention

Google has announced a new service called Email intervention. Using this service now gmail users can send intervention letters to convince their friends to switch to gmail.

1.Go to Emailintervention  website and Click START THE INTERVENTION button.

2.Sign into your Gmail account and click the grand access button .The system detects which of your friends aren’t using Gmail and lets you select which ones you want to stage an intervention for.

3.Customize your intervention letter or include Google’s intervention video or create your own video and send.

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Google Docs Viewer ZIP and RAR support

In gmail, with the help of google docs viewer you can easily view over 15 different file types without downloading the file. Now google added the support for ZIP and RAR. Now you will able to view the zip and rar archive file types without downloading them.

The Google Docs Viewer supports 15 file types:

Microsoft Word (.DOC and .DOCX)
Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX)


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New 3 gmail features

Google graduate three gmail lab features. The new features are Superstars, Nested Labels and Advanced IMAP Controls and it retiring the Google Search box lab feature.
Superstars: New superstars feature provides different types of stars in gmail.
Nested Labels: New Nested labels feature provides ability to organize labels hierarchically.
Advanced IMAP Controls: New advanced IMAP controls  feature provides Syncing only selected labels or limiting the folder size limit

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