Frogr Flickr Image Uploader

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Frogr is a free and open source Flickr image management application for Linux. Using Frogr you can manage accounts in the Flickr image hosting website and upload your images to Flickr. You can also add image titles, descriptions, tags and manage sets and groups pools, set image visibility, content type and safety level, licenses, Geo location information. It also support multiple Flickr accounts and HTTP proxies. It is released under GNU General Public License v3.

Frogr Flickr Image Uploader


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New redesigned Flickr released

Flickr has undergone a major redesigned and rolled out a lot of new features for both desktop and mobile users. What’s new in this release?

Camera Roll

New Uploadr for Mac and Windows.
A New Camera Roll in the Cloud- made it easy to access and view your entire catalog of images, organize your photos.
new bulk editing features.
new Magic View.
download photos and videos in zip format.
New innovative image search.
Filter images by color, size and orientation.
new Flickr mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android.


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Flickr 2.20 for iOS releasd [iOS]

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Flickr 2.20 for iOS is now available for download.What’s new in this release?

Brand new set of filters.
Live filters – Now scroll through and preview the effects of each filter before you snap your shot.
Customize your filters to get the exact effects you’re looking for.
New camera tools – grids, pinch to zoom, and the ability to lock your focus and exposure points.
New free editing tools – Enhance, crop, sharpen, adjust color, use levels, add vignettes and more.
camera and editing tools have animated transitions.

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Flickr offers 3 free months of Flickr Pro

For a limited time yahoo offers a holiday gift for both new and current Flickr users. This holiday gift gives 3 free months of Flickr Pro.Flickr Pro regularly costs $6.95 for a three month subscription.

Some Flickr Pro features:

Unlimited uploads
Unlimited viewing of photo library
Post photos in up to 60 groups
Download your original high resolution photos
Upload and play unlimited HD videos

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New Flickr Uploadr

Flickr released a new Flickr Uploadr.

What’s new?

HTML 5 browser technology.
drag and drop interface.
show preview thumbnails.
Faster upload speeds between 20-30% on average, and up to 50-60% faster for some of our international users.
increased file size limits for Pro users up to 50MB and for free users up to 30MB.

Flickr will roll out the new Flickr Uploadr to all users over the next couple of weeks.


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Flickr Schedulr – automatically uploads pictures and videos to Flickr

Flickr Schedulr is free software for windows that automatically uploads pictures and videos to Flickr based

on a schedule.

Main features:

Edit the title, description and tags for each file..
Edit multiple files at once.
Warns you if files are larger than the maximum file size you are allowed to upload.
Files can be placed in batches to be uploaded together.
Drag and drop files onto the queue from Windows Explorer.
Multiple Flickr accounts are supported.
scheduled task can easily be created to define and maintain the upload schedule.
run from the command line
Keeps a history of all files that have been uploaded.
Shows remaining upload quota.
Import and export the configuration to a file

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Flickr Photo Session

Flickr has introduced Photo Session. Photo Session is a new feature from Flickr and it allows a group of people (Up to 10 people) browse and view photos and and comment on them together from mobile (iPhone, or iPad) and desktop in real time. When one user moves on to the next photo, everybody moves.

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