My Chrome Theme – Build Your Own Google Chrome Theme

My Chrome Theme is free google chrome extension to create your own google theme.

Go to My Chrome Theme extension home page and click sign in to add button

Sign in with your google account.

Click add to chrome button.and click the install button to confirm the installation.

Now create your google chrome theme in 3 sasy steps:

Import an image from your computer to use as your theme background.

Add color to the omnibox, tabs, and remaining parts of the browser.

Name your theme and install it on your own Chrome.

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Click&Clean for google chrome

Click&Clean is a google chrome extension and it deletes your browsing history, typed URLs, Flash cookies, all traces of your online activity to protect your privacy.

Main features:

Scan your PC for Malware
Delete your browsing history,
Remove download history,
Erase temporary files,
Clear cookies and Empty cache,
Delete client-side Web SQL Databases
Remove Flash Cookies (LSOs)
Protect your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your internet activity.

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WAV Player for Gmail

Author’s Description:
WAV Player for Gmail is a google chrome extension that Adds an embedded player within Gmail messsages containing audio files in the WAV format.This extension will insert an html audio tag if the email contains a .wav file attachment so that you can play the message inline, without having to download it.
This extension works great if you get your voicemail messages emailed to you in WAV format.

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Google +1 Button for chrome

Author’s Description:
Google +1 Button is a google chrome extension that allows you +1 and share the pages you think are worth visiting.+1’s can help your friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search. By installing the +1 extension, you can publicly +1 any page that you’re visiting with one easy click. Once you do, look for the “Share on Google+” option to start a conversation. From there you can comment, choose a circle, and share.

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Google+ Notifications for Chrome

Author’s Description:
Google+ Notifications is a google chrome extension to view google+ notification.when someone adds you to a circle or shares a post with you the extension button will turn red and show you how many updates are waiting for you. Once you click the button, a window will drop down showing you all of your most recent notifications. You can act on notifications right from the extension, whether you’re replying to a comment or adding someone back to your circles.

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Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is a google chrome extension to improve the focus of the video in web.

Main features:

One click button.
Turn the lights back on, by clicking on it
upport multiple video sites
Support multiple image sites
Shortcut key: T  -> Do you like a real movie theater?
Option to make the screen dark if the user click on the play button
Option to turn on/off the fade in and fade out effects
Custom colors
Option Flash Detection
Option Show Dimness Level Bar

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SpeakIt converts website text into speech

Speakit is a google chrome extension to converts text into speech so you no longer need to read.SpeakIt reads selected text using Google Network TTS (Text-to-Speech) with language auto-detection. It supports all languages supported by Google and have ability to add new TTS engines.

How to use speakit
1.Select the text you want it to read.
2.Then click the icon to start listening.
3.When it is ready to read, the number of sentences is shown on the icon.
4.To stop listening at any time click pause

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