Serio IT Service View – Network Monitoring

Serio IT Service View is a free network Devices monitoring utility that supports client and server editions of Windows.vIt allowing system administrators to monitor both small scale and large-scale network architecture.

Main features:

check Free RAM, Processor Utilisation, the status of installed Services, status of processes running & Free disc space
red/amber/green ‘traffic light’ display for device health
Supports WMI for agent less monitoring of Windows servers
Supports SNMP polling and traps
Integrated MIB compiler for SNMP devices
custom emails to be sent when errors are detected in your infrastructure
recover from the error such as reboot or shutdown the server, restart a process, restart a Service
monitoring of HTML pages and web applications using one of the standard plugins
Extensible by creating custom plugins, or extending/editing the standard plugins.

Download Serio IT Service View

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