PHP 5.5.1 released

PHP 5.5.1 is now available for download.What’s new in this release?

Exception not catchable when exception thrown in autoload with a namespace.
Generated configure script is malformed on OpenBSD.
is_callable triggers Fatal Error.
yield / exit segfault.
Generator + autoload + syntax error = segfault.
chroot does not get enabled.
hex2bin raises E_WARNING for invalid hex string.
Segfault in zval_mark_grey (zend_gc.c).
OPcache is now compatible with LiteSpeed SAPI.
Missing php-cgi man page.
Cli server not responsive when responding with 422 http status code.
strftime returns insufficient-length string under multibyte locales.
bgcolor does not use the same format as the input image with imagerotate.
imagecreatefrom… crashes with user streams.

imagecreatefromjpeg fails with URL.
Fix gdImageCreateFromWebpCtx and use same logic to load WebP image that other formats.
Add IntlCalendar::setMinimalDaysInFirstWeek/intlcal_set_minimal_days_in_first_week().
Fixed trailing space in name of constant IntlCalendar::FIELD_FIELD_COUNT.
Buggy grapheme_substr on edge case.
Offsets may be wrong for grapheme_stri* functions.
Bump PECL package info version check to allow PECL installs with PHP 5.5+.
Allowed PDO_OCI to compile with Oracle Database 12c client libraries.
pg_unescape_bytea raises E_WARNING for invalid inputs.
Missing phar man page.
Added optional create_sid argument to session_set_save_handler, SessionHandler and new SessionIdInterface.
Setting SO_BINDTODEVICE with socket_set_option.
Allowed specifying paths in the abstract namespace for the functions socket_bind, socket_connect and socket_sendmsg.
sendmsg ancillary data construction for SCM_RIGHTS is faulty.
RecursiveDirectoryIterator segfault.
Memleak when calling Directory(Recursive)Iterator/Spl(Temp)FileObject ctor twice.
Added PHP_FCGI_BACKLOG, overrides the default listen backlog.

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