Simple Code Snippets wordpress plugin

Author’s Description: simple to use Code Snippet plugin that shows your code in the WordPress Codex style. Easy & Clean. Unlike some other syntax highlighters plugins this plugin will also make your code look...


Internet Explorer 9 Beta released

Internet Explorer 9 Beta is now available for downloading and testing. Check out the new developer capabilities of Internet Explorer 9. Download now from this link.


How to display your name in taskbar

To display your name or some other text in your windows taskbar 1.Click Start menu button and Go to Control Panel-> Date,Time,Language,and Regional Options. 2.And click Regional and Language Options. 3.Click the Customize button...


Measure your website performance

Yahoo’s YSlow and google’s Page speed are two useful tools to measure website performance. But you need to install some plugins to measure the performance of the website. Now you can check how your...


How to Hide Text in Notepad

To hide text in notepad 1.Click Start menu button 2.Click All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt. 3.Type notepad newfile.txt:hidden and press Enter. 4.Here newfile is your file name 5.Click yes .It opens newfile.txt file. 6.Type something and...