Opera 30 stable with H.264 released

Opera 30 stable is now available for download. What’s new in this release?

opera sidebar

Added new functionality with the extensions sidebar.
View sidebar extensions available at addons.opera.com/.
Access recently-closed, synced, and currently open tabs in the tab menu.
Better manage bookmarks and bookmark folders using a trash folder in the bookmark manager.
Restore bookmarks if you accidentally remove them or clear them from your browser.
Opera now syncs your browsing preferences and settings.
HTML5 video media source extensions support for high-definition H.264 screens.
Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 43.
The autocapitalize HTML attribute in Opera for Android.
new upgrade-insecure-requests Content Security Policy. This avoids the mixed content warnings without having to modify the HTML documents at all.
JavaScript-powered copy/cut functionality.
are now allowed to modify the system clipboard in the context of a user gesture, matching the Clipboard API and events spec.
Cache API globally available.
Fetch API now supports streaming response bodies.
New Permissions API.
Attr instances do not have any child nodes anymore.
DOM properties moved to the prototype chain.
Removal of overflowchanged event.
The Web MIDI API enables web applications to enumerate and select MIDI input and output devices on the client system.
Unprefixed CSS animations.

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