Opera 11.60 released

Opera 11.60 is now available to download. what’s new in this version?

Opera Presto 2.10 rendering engine (Presto/2.10.229).
security and stability enhancements.
star menu in the address field.
New user interface for Opera Mail.
HTML5 Parser.
HTML5 <audio> and <video> :preload,buffered,seekable,muted.
Implemented the DOM API for HTML5 Microdata.
Implemented support for registerProtocolHandler() and registerContentHandler() methods.
full support for ECMAScript 5.1
support for “Khronos Typed Arrays” and XMLHttpRequest Level 2 support for receiving ArrayBuffers.
CSS3:full support for for radial-gradient and repeated-radial-gradient.
font-relative length rem in CSS and SVG
Added support for applying the image-rendering property to HTML content, including: <img>, <canvas>, <video poster>, background-image, and (-o-)border-image.

Download Opera 11.60

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