OmegaT Translation Memory Manager CAT Tool

OmegaT is a free and open source translation memory application for Linux, Windows and MacOS. It comes with fuzzy matching and match propagation, simultaneous processing of multiple-file projects and use multiple translation memories. If you are a professional translators, then you can try this tool. Not this tool does not comes with auto machine translation feature. It supports more than 30 file formats like Word, Excel, HTML, Open Document Format and more. Some other features are UTF-8 support, build-in spelling checker and GUI to Google Translate.


Download OmegaT

Install OmegaT on Ubuntu Linux

OmegaT is available as a flatpak package file from flathub. If you don’t have then first install flatpak and flathub in your system and restart your system after the installation.

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How to Install flatpak and flathub

Now open the terminal command-line application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below OmegaT flatpak installation command. It will install the latest version of OmegaT on your system.

flatpak install flathub org.omegat.OmegaT

After the installation you can run it using this command.

flatpak run org.omegat.OmegaT

And uninstall OmegaT flatpak using

sudo flatpak uninstall org.omegat.OmegaT

That’s all.

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