Nightfall Hacker Turn-based Strategy Game

Nightfall Hacker is a turn-based 2D hacking strategy game for Linux, Windows and MacOS. In this game you are a white hat hacker and your job is accepting the given hacking jobs and fight and win all available hacking battles against malicious rogue software. This game is build using the Godot game engine. You can upgrade your software and skills using the game store. It comes with more than 100 levels and build-in custom level editor. Only the Linux Snap version is free. Other versions are available via the steam store.
Nightfall Hacker

Install Nightfall Hacker on Ubuntu Linux

Nightfall Hacker is available as a snap package file for Ubuntu Linux. Open the terminal console application. You can open it by pressing ctrl+alt+t keys. In the terminal run this below Nightfall Hacker snap installation command.

sudo snap install nightfall-hacker

After the installation you can run this below command to open the game or you can open it via the show applications menu in Ubuntu.


Follow this link for the game development

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