Mullvad Browser – Privacy Browser for VPN

Mullvad Browser is a free and open source web browser based on Tor browser but without using the Tor Network. And it is intended to run with a VPN (any VPN) but you can also use this browser without a VPN. It comes with anti fingerprinting, no telemetry data transfer, private browsing by default, block ads with uBlock Origin, 3 security levels to choose, new identity button for VPN, NoScript, Dns Over HTTPS and more.

Mullvad Browser

Download Mullvad Browser

Install Mullvad Browser on Ubuntu Linux:

Download the latest version of Mullvad Browser in tar file from the download link and save it on your Downloads folder. Here the downloaded file is “mullvad-browser-linux64-12.0.4_ALL.tar.xz” . It will changed based on the version number.

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Mullvad Browser file

Now right click on it and select Extract/Extract Here. It will untar the file.

Now open the extracted folder and navigate the Browser folder. Inside that folder, you will get “mullvadbrowser” program file.

Mullvad Browser program file

Right click it and select Properties and make that file executable.

Mullvad Browser execute as program

Now close the window. Now right click on the same “mullvadbrowser” and select “Run as Program”.

Mullvad Browser run as prgram

It will open the Mullvad Browser. That’s it.

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