Linux 3.9 released

Linux 3.9 is now available for download.What’s new in this release?

Fix a build warning
Fix missing put_cpu_var() in tlb_batch_add_one() when not batching.
do not expose broken video output streams
disable -mlong-calls compiler option for kernel modules
fix atime/mtime regression
Provide __ucmpdi2 to resolve undefined references in 32bit builds.
Change kunmap macro to static inline function
use spin_lock_irqsave/spin_unlock_irqrestore for PTE updates
Check EFI revision in setup_efi_vars
hwmod data: make ‘ocp2scp_usb_phy_phy_48m” as the main clock
add no-mmu vm_iomap_memory() stub

Revert “gpio: pxa: set initcall level to module init”
algif – suppress sending source address information in recvmsg
only check for duplicates on the registered list
mb86a20s: Fix estimate_rate setting
Protect access via task_subsys_state_check()
Revert “MIPS: page.h: Provide more readable definition for PAGE_MASK.”
kernel/hz.bc: ignore.
parisc: uaccess: fix compiler warnings caused by __put_user casting
fix possible invalid memory access when DEBUG is enabled

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Download Linux 3.9

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