jGRASP is a free and open source development environment for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It comes with build-in data structure identifier mechanism, textbook-like presentation view, jGRASP plugins, dynamic object viewer, viewer canvas, integrated debugger, control structure diagrams, complexity profile graphs, UML class diagrams and many more.


Download jGRASP

How to Install jGRASP on Ubuntu

To install jGRASP on your Ubuntu Linux system, go to the above jGRASP download page and download the latest version of jGRASP Bundled with OpenJDK for x64 Linux in zip file.

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jGRASP Java IDE download

Save it on your Downloads folder. Right click on it and select Extract. Now open the extracted jGRASP folder and navigate to jgrasp/bin folder.

jGRASP installation path

Now right click on the jgrasp program file and select Run as a Program. jGRASP will attempt to build
all components the first time you run a program.

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