Irssi Command line IRC Client

Irssi is a free and open source command line IRC chat application for Linux and Windows. It also comes with ICB, SILC, XMPP, PSYC and Quassel protocol support using modules. You can extend its features using modules and make colourful UI using themes.

Irssi IRC

How to Install Irssi IRC on Ubuntu Linux

To install Irssi on your Ubuntu Linux, run below command in your terminal app (ctrl+alt+t).

sudo apt install irssi

After the successful installation of Irssi, run below command start it.


It will come with your realname, username and nick name. If you want, you can pick your own nick name using below command.

/set nick yournickname

Just replace “yournickname” with your real nick name.

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It comes with some predefined networks. Run below command to see the current list of networks.


To connect “liberachat” network then run below command.

/connect liberachat

For the Libera Chat network, you can find instructions here

After network connection, you can join channels by typing /join #channelname, for example:

/join #irssi
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