Inky Editor for ink inkle’s markup language

Inky is a free and open source ink markup language editor for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Ink is the inkle’s markup language for writing interactive narrative in games. Using this you can play in the editor as you write, and fix any bugs in your code. It comes with syntax highlighting, issue browser, multi-file projects support, export to JSON, File watching and more. It is build using electron and ace and released under MIT license.


Download Inky

Install Inky on Ubuntu Linux

Inky is available as portable app and flatpak package from flathub. Download Inky linux in .zip file format from the above download link. Here the downloaded file name is “”. Right click on the downloaded file name and select Extract Here. It will unzip it. Then open the extracted folder and right click on Inky Program file and select Run. It will open the Inky editor.

Inky Editor portable

Install Inky via flatpak:

If you don’t have flatpak, then install flatpak and flathub on your system and restart it. After that in terminal application run below Inky flatpak installation command.

flatpak install flathub com.inklestudios.Inky

You can run Inky via

flatpak run com.inklestudios.Inky

That’s all.

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