iftop Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

iftop or Interface TOP is a free and open source terminal based bandwidth usage and monitoring application for Linux. Using this iftop, you can view real time network bandwidth usage and monitor your system. It is based on libpcap and libcurses and released under GNU General Public License.

iftop network monitor

Install iftop on Ubuntu Linux

Open terminal command-line application by pressing ctrl+alt+t keys or via application menu. And run below command one by one to install iftop on Ubuntu Linux.

iftop app

sudo apt update
sudo apt install iftop

You can run iftop via below command.

sudo iftop

You can change the current network interface using the below way. First run below command to find all attached network interfaces on your system.

sudo ifconfig


After that use the -i to specify the interface you want to view.

sudo iftop -i wlp13s0

Here wlp13s0 is my wireless interface on my computer.

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For the complete usage details please run this command in terminal to get more help.

man iftop

that’s all.

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