How to view hardware information in ubuntu

GNOME Device Manager is a simple graphical application used to view hardware inforation.

To install GNOME Device Manager

1.Go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager.

2.type your password press OK.

3.Type gnome-device-manager in the Quick Search field on the toolbar. Click the Search button.

4.Right-click on gnome-device-manager and select Mark for Installation.

5.Click the Apply button.

6.A Summary screen displays showing you the changes to be made. Click Apply to continue with the installation.

7.Click Close button after the successful installation

8.Close the Synaptic Package Manager.

9.To start the GNOME Device Manager
Got to Applications->System Tools->Device Manager.

Download Debian installer file (.deb) for your Ubuntu version from this link

For latest version, check this link.

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