How to secure multi-author wordpress blog

Secure wordpress is a wordpress plugin, it increases the security of your multi-author wordpress blog.

Some of its feature are

Removes error messages on login-page.
Removes the wordpress version except in admin.
Removes wordpress version in admin area for non-admins
Adds index.php plugin-directory (virtual)
Removes Really Simple Discovery link in wp_head of the frontend.
Removes Windows Live Writer.
Removes core update for non-admins.
Removes plugin update for non-admins.
Removes theme update non-admins.
Removes version on urls from scripts and stylesheets onyl on frontend
Block bad queries
To secure multi-author wordpress blog

1. Download Secure wordpress, wordpress Plugin from this link.

2. Unzip and upload it to your WordPress wp-content/plugins directory.

3. Login to your wordpress admin. In your admin dashboard click plugins and activate the Secure wordpress wordpress Plugin.

4. Then go to Settings menu and click Secure WP Options.

5. Then configure your settings and save the changes.

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  1. admin says:

    Nice article from paul.thanks sophie N

  2. Sophie N says:

    securing your multi-author wordpress blog is important, but what about WordPress spam? The following article describes how to remove spam from your wordpress account…

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