How to install vidiot on Ubuntu – vidiot Non-linear video editor

Vidiot is a free open source Non-linear video editor for linux and windows. It is simple and easy to use video editor for Home users. It is released under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) licence. It comes with some important features like Video converter, Video compositing, Trimming, Titles, Key frames, Transitions, Speed changing, Cropping and Scaling.

Install vidiot video editor on Ubuntu:

Vidiot video editor available as Snap package and deb package for Ubuntu. For the installation methods please read below.

Install vidiot video editor via Snap:

Open your terminal app and type the below command and press the enter key.

sudo snap install vidiot

Then type your Ubuntu password. It will install the latest version of vidiot video editor on Ubuntu.

Then click the show applications in the Ubuntu Gnome dock and type vidiot movie editor in the search box and click vidiot movie editor to open it. For Unity you can search vidiot movie editor from Ubuntu dash.

You can test the release candidate of vidiot video editor via running below command in the terminal.

sudo snap install vidiot --candidate

Install vidiot video editor via Gdebi:

vidiot video editor is available as a deb package file for Ubuntu system. you can download the latest version of vidiot video editor from below link. [Here its : Vidiot-0.3.27-i386.deb]

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Download vidiot video editor [deb]

After that, install the downloaded deb package file with your favorite package installer. currently i am using GDebi Package Installer to install vidiot video editor. If you don’t have GDebi Package Installer just install it with the below command in your terminal app.

sudo apt install gdebi

Or you can also install GDebi Package Installer from Ubuntu software center.

Right click on the downloaded vidiot video editor .deb file (Here its: Vidiot-0.3.27-i386.deb) and select open with other software and choose GDebi Package Installer. Then click install Package. It will install vidiot video editor on your ubuntu system. That’s all.

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