How to install Pyzo Python IDE on Ubuntu – Best interactive IDE for Scientific Python

Pyzo is a free and open source integrated development environment for Python. With the help of miniconda and anaconda you can manage your Python packages. You can also use it without any Python interpreter.Pyzo is written in Python 3 and uses the Qt widget toolkit. It comes with 2 main components, the editor and the shell. And also supports powerful introspection and allows various ways to interactively run code. It is available for Linux, Mac OS and windows. Some other features are shortcut editor, Qt themes, Unicode support, magic commands, auto indentation, syntax highlighting and breakpoints for debugging.

Pyzo Python IDE

Download Pyzo [Windows, Linux,Mac OS]

Install Pyzo Python IDE on Ubuntu

Download the Pyzo Linux binary zip file from the above download link. Here the downloaded file name is “pyzo-4.12.8-linux_x86_64.tar.gz“. It will change based on the version number. Now right click the select Extract or Extract Here. Now open the extracted pyzo folder.

Pyzo Python IDE folder

Right click inside the file manager and select open in Terminal option.

Pyzo open in terminal

It will open the current directory in the terminal. Or you can also manually navigate to that path using cd command like below.

cd Downloads/pyzo-4.12.8-linux_x86_64/pyzo

Pyzo path in terminal

Here replace the “4.12.8” based on your extracted folder name.
After that in terminal run below command.

sudo ./pyzo

Pyzo Python IDE run command

It will open the latest Pyzo Python IDE on your Ubuntu Linux system.

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Another Method:

Open your terminal app, and run the below command.

sudo apt update

Type your ubuntu password. Then run the below command. Pyzo runs on Python 3 and needs PyQt4.

sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-pyqt5

Then type y and hit enter to confirm the installation. Then run the below command to install Pyzo Python IDE on your Ubuntu system.

sudo python3 -m pip install pyzo --upgrade

After the installation of Pyzo Python IDE, type the below command and press the enter to run Pyzo IDE.


Install Pyzo via Flatpak

Install the latest flatpak and flathub and restart your system. After that run below commands to install Pyzo flatpak in your system.

flatpak install flathub org.pyzo.pyzo
flatpak run org.pyzo.pyzo
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