How to Install Sourcetrail Free Source Exploreron Ubuntu

Sourcetrail is a free and open source source explorer Windows, macOS and Linux. Using this you can explore your source or any unfamiliar source code easily. It is a offline source explorer so no need to connect internet and your code is safe. It provides total overview and details of the source code by combining an interactive dependency graph and in a concise code view. It also comes with a code search, indexing the code and build in code analyzer.Currently it supports C, C++, Java and Python and you can sync it with your favorite code editor like Atom, Eclipse, Emacs, IntelliJ IDEA, Qt Creator, Sublime Text, Vim, Visual Studio Code via plugin.


Install Sourcetrail Source Explorer on Ubuntu

You can install Sourcetrail Source Explorer via AppImage on Ubuntu. AppImage is a portable file format. Download Sourcetrail in the AppImage file format from the Sourcetrail download page and save it in your Downloads folder.

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Download Sourcetrail Source Explorer

Press ctrl+alt+t to open your terminal in Ubuntu. Then run this command to navigate to the Downloads folder.

cd Downlaods

Then run this command to make the downloaded file executable.

sudo chmod +x ~ Sourcetrail_2021_4_19_Linux_64bit.AppImage

Here “Sourcetrail_2021_4_19_Linux_64bit.AppImage” is the downloaded file name. You can change this command based on your file name.

Then run this command to start Sourcetrail Source Explorer on Ubuntu.


It will help to understand and give some idea on someones source code.

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