How to install sdlpop Prince of Persia game on Ubuntu – sdlpop open-source port of Prince of Persia

sdlpop is a sdlpop open-source port of popular video game Prince of Persia for linux Windows and MacOS. It is based on the disassembly of the DOS version. In this game the prince must escape from dungeons and free the princess from Jaffar within 60 minutes.For this game the keyboard controls are left, right, up, down, shift, shift+left/right, home or up+left, page up or up+right.

Install sdlpop Prince of Persia video game on Ubuntu:

sdlpop is available as a snap package for ubuntu. To install the latest version of sdlpop Prince of Persia, open your terminal app and type the below command and hit enter.

sudo snap install sdlpop

Then type your Ubuntu password and hit the enter key. It will install the latest version of popular video game sdlpop Prince of Persia on Ubuntu.

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After the successful installation of sdlpop Prince of Persia, click the show applications in the Ubuntu Gnome dock and type sdlpop in the search box and click sdlpop to open it. For Unity you can search sdlpop from Ubuntu dash.

Download sdlpop [Windows, Linux, MacOS]

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