How to install nbandroid plugin into netbeans to enable android support

NBAndroid is open source NetBeans plugin and it provides Android application development support for Netbeans. It is  distributed under Apache License 2.0.

Install nbandroid plugin into NetBeans:

Open the Netbeans IDE and go to Tools->Plugins menu. It will open the Netbeans plugins manager windows. then select settings tab. In the settings tab, you need to add the address of nbandroid update center URL. To add it click the add button and enter the plugin name as nbandroid and url as

For NetBeans version 8.1 or newer

For NetBeans version 7.3 – 8.0


And click the Ok button. Once the nbandroid update center URL is added go to Available Plugins tab. And search type nbandroid in the search filed. Then select Android and Androidgradle Support plugins and click the install button to start the install process.


Then click next.


Then accept the terms and click the install button.


Then continue


Select the Restart IDE Now option and then click the finish button.

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Configure nbandroid plugin to enable Android support in Netbeans IDE:

To start the android app development, you need to require a path to Android SDK to be configured in your Netbeans IDE. To add the path, go to Tools->Options menu and select Miscellaneous category tab from the top.  Then select the Android tab and specify the location of Android SDK and click apply button. In this way you can add android support in your Netbeans IDE.

Note: Make sure both Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform-tools packages are installed in your Android SDK.  If you don’t have Android SDK Tools, you can download it from below link. (scroll to the bottom of the page to find link.)

Download Android SDK Tools

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