How to install Micro Text Editor on Ubuntu

Micro is a free, simple and easily configurable Terminal based Text editor for Linux, Windows and Mac. You don’t need any dependencies or external files to install it. It supports some common keybindings, splits and tabs, automatic linting and error notifications. It also comes with mouse support, syntax highlighting for more than 90 languages, snippets and copy and paste with the system clipboard.

Install Micro text Editor on Ubuntu

To install the latest Micro text Editor on Ubuntu, Open your terminal app by searching terminal in Ubuntu dash and run the below command in the terminal.

sudo curl -sL | bash -s linux64 /usr/bin/

If you get any Permission denied error in your terminal, just run the below command to move it.

sudo mv micro-1.1.4/micro /usr/bin//micro

How to Use Micro Text Editor on Ubuntu

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To use your micro text editor, type the below command in terminal and press the enter key to run it.

micro connectwww.txt

To save and exit it, just press the Esc key and type y.

To view all micro text editor usage commands, run the below command in terminal

micro --help
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