How To Install Azure Storage Explorer On Ubuntu

Azure Storage Explorer is a free and open source Azure storage management application for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Unlock a host of functionalities with this tool, allowing you to effortlessly upload, download, and oversee various Azure Storage components such as blobs, files, queues, tables, as well as entities within Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure managed disks.

Azure Storage Explorer


You can take control of your cloud storage accounts dispersed across multiple subscriptions in all Azure regions, including Azure Stack and Azure Government. Configure storage permissions, access controls, tiers, and rules seamlessly within the application, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to specific storage requirements. You can also safeguard your data with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) for secure access. Fine-tune access control list (ACL) permissions to ensure granular control over data access.

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Download Azure Storage Explorer

Install Azure Storage Explorer on Ubuntu Linux

To install Azure Storage Explorer on your system, open the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below Azure Storage Explorer snap installation command. It will install the latest Azure Storage Explorer on your Ubuntu Linux system.

sudo snap install storage-explorer

Storage Explorer necessitates the utilization of a password manager, and it might require a manual connection setup before functioning seamlessly. To integrate Storage Explorer with your system’s password manager, execute the following command.

 snap connect storage-explorer:password-manager-service :password-manager-service

After that run below command to open it.

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