How to get detailed list of your hardware information in ubuntu using lshw

lshw is a small and build in tool in Ubuntu to get the detailed information on the hardware configuration. Using this you can view your memory configuration details, firmware details, mainboard configuration details, CPU details and system speed, cache configuration, bus speed details and lots more. Now we are goin to use this tool to get our system details. It currently supports DMI, OpenFirmware device tree, PCI/AGP, CPUID, IDE/ATA/ATAPI, PCMCIA , SCSI and USB.

To get the complete hardware details just run below command in your terminal app.

sudo lshw

If you want only the short summary of the details then use this command.

lshw -short

To get the SCSI, USB, IDE and PCI addresses details run this command.

lshw -businfo

If you want to lists all details in HTML file say info.html in your home directory then run this command.

sudo lshw -html > info.html

For the complete list of usage details run this command.

lshw -help
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  1. housam

    To Generate ,Open the terminal and run the following command:

    sudo lshw -html >> system_report.html

    To display , Run the following command :

    firefox system_report.html

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