How to Extract Deb Files in Ubuntu Linux

In Ubuntu and Debian, software comes in a .deb file format. Even if you’re not an expert, you can still peek inside a deb file before installing the software. Extracting a deb file means taking a look at its contents, like control files, scripts, data, configurations, and more.

Here’s how to extract deb files in Ubuntu:

1. Extracting DEB Files with the Archive Manager

Right-click on the deb file and choose “Open With Archive Manager.”
The Archive Manager will display the files inside. Click “Extract.”
Choose where you want to save the extracted files and click “Extract.”

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After that, you’ll find the extracted deb file at the location you selected.

2. Using the dpkg-deb Command

Open a terminal. Use this command. With this method, you won’t have any leftover files, and the extracted files will be ready to use.

dkpg-deb -R /path/to/target.deb /path/to/extact

That’s it.

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