How To Convert Text To Speech Using eSpeak NG

eSpeak NG is a free and open source cross platform Text To Speech Synthesizer application. It is a command line application based on eSpeak engine. It comes more than 100 languages support, different voices, Speech Synthesis Markup Language support, translate text into phoneme codes, save the speech output as a WAV file in your system and many more.

Download eSpeak NG

eSpeak NG Text-to-Speech Application

In the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) run below command to install the latest version of eSpeak NG on your Ubuntu system.

sudo apt install espeak-ng

After the successful installation run below command.


eSpeak NG

Now type the text that you want to convert in speech and finally press the Enter key.
You can exit by pressing (ctrl+c) keys

You can also make it to read your file content like below. Here just replace “yourfile.txt” with your real file name. yourfile.txt is located in my Home directory.

espeak-ng -f yourfile.txt

You can also directly type your text like below and press the Enter key in the end.

espeak-ng "Welcome to"

eSpeak NG command


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If you want to save output to a WAV audio file, then use -w flag like below.

espeak-ng -w audio.wav "Welcome to"

eSpeak NG output

The above command will save the speech in audio.wav in your Home directory.

To list all voices run below command.

espeak-ng --voices

eSpeak NG voices

You can use different voice like below command. Here replace en after v with your voice.

espeak-ng -ven "English"

eSpeak NG voice change

For the complete details run below command.

man espeak-ng


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