Google Chrome 18 stable released

Google just released chrome 18 (18.0.1025.142) for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame, a new stable version of its popular browser.

what’s new in this chrome 18 stable ?

Faster graphics and drawing performance for users on capable hardware
enabled fancier 3D content for other users on older computers.
enabled GPU-accelerated Canvas2D on capable Windows and Mac computers
enabled SwiftShader


Bad interaction possibly leading to XSS in EUC-JP.
Out-of-bounds read in SVG text handling.
Out-of-bounds read in text fragment handling.
SPDY proxy certificate checking error.
Off-by-one in OpenType Sanitizer.
Validate navigation requests from the renderer more carefully.
Use-after-free in SVG clipping.
Memory corruption in Skia.
Invalid read in v8.

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