GNOME 40 Released

GNOME 40 is now officially available to download and use. According to Gnome team, this release gives you a focused distraction free and smoother computing. GNOME has a new versioning scheme in this release from previous 3.38 to this 40. The most notable features are completely redesigned horizontal workspace switcher and having the Dash launcher to the bottom of the screen from left.

Gnome40 New Design

Some other important new features are new multi-touch Touchpad gestures and a completely new redesigned Weather app, Improved setting application and Software application, Improved keyboard shortcut settings and Compose key setting.

In this new Gnome 40 you will get hardware vendor model number in your About settings page. The application lists in the Gnome software app now show version history of the application. And the file manager Nautilus also gets new features. Now you can extract password-protected .zip archives in Nautilus without any problem.

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How to Try New GNOME 40

Now you can try the Gnome 40 with Fedora 34 beta and OpenSUSE Next. Download these from the below links.

Download Fedora 34 Beta:

Download OpenSUSE Next:

Gnome 40 release notes

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