Genius Mathematics Tool

Genius is a free and open source mathematical application for Linux and BSD. It is a compelling alternative to renowned tools such as BC, Matlab, Maple, or Mathematica, Genius . It is useful both as a simple calculator and as a research or educational tool. The standard genius functions are written in GEL Genius Extension Language.

Genius Mathematics app

It comes with support for arbitrary precision integers, multiple precision floats, rational and complex numbers, Its capabilities extend to mathematically expressive expressions, number theory, matrix calculations, linear algebra, calculus, statistics, numerical equation solving, and combinatorics, elementary, trigonometric functions, Modular arithmetic, 2D Function line plots, Parametric plots, 3D Function surface plots and many more.

Download Genius

How to Install Genius on Ubuntu

To install Genius on Ubuntu, run below Genius installation command on your terminal application. (ctrl+alt+t). It will install botth Genius CMD and Genius GUI.

sudo apt install genius gnome-genius

After the installation, you can open Genius GUI using below command.


If you want to work in terminal app, then run below command.


Install Genius via Flatpak:

You can also install Genius via flatpak fro the flathub store. In the terminal run below

flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Genius

After the successful installation of Genius, you can open it using below command.

flatpak run org.gnome.Genius
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