Create and View custom ad campaign parameters using Google URL builder for URLs

The custom ad campaign is used to track the URLs of your website using the unique UTM parameters that are sent to your Google Analytics account. UTM parameters are just tags that you add to a URL to track in your Google Analytics account.

How to create custom ad campaign UTM parameters

Just go to Google URL builder form page.

Note:Google recommends google chrome.
google url builder
Fill the form and click the GENERATE URL button.

Website URL: Tracking URL

Campaign Source: Source of this ad campaign.

Campaign Medium:medium of your ad campaign example:email or website or any other.

Campaign Term: Type keywords for this ad campaign.

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Campaign Content:differentiate your ad campaign links that point to the same URL.

Campaign Name: Name your ad campaign

For the sample please check the below image.

filled google url builder

How to View Custom ad Campaigns in Google Analytics

Login to your Google Analytics dashboard and select your site. Then go to Acquisition ->  Campaigns -> All Campaigns.  Here you will have a list of all of the campaigns you have been tracking.  Just click on each campaign to view and get more information.

view campaign in google analytics

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