PSPad Code Editor for Programmer

PSPad is a free text and code editor for Windows. It is a simple lightweight but powerful code editor. It comes with syntax highlighting, extension support, code templates, differences highlighting, macro recorder, auto correction, intelligent internal HTML preview, ASCII chart with HTML entities and Code explorer.

PSPad Code Editor

Some other important features are build in FTP client, full HEX editor, save desktop sessions, integrated TiDy library and spell checker. It supports Pascal, C/C++, INI, HTML, XML, PHP, C#, COBOL, CSS, Foxpro, Fortran, Java, perl, javascript, python, SQL,Tex, VB, XML and more.



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AM Downloader – Free Download Manager

AM Downloader is a free and open source download manager for Windows. It is released under open source GPL-3.0 License. Using AM Downloader you can pause and resume your downloads. It comes with parallel downloading support and you can limit the download speed to reduce the network usage. You can also add download items using URL patterns.

AM Downloader


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Record your Screen and Create Animated GIFs with GifCams

GifCam is a free animated GIF file making software for Windows. Using GifCam you can record your windows screen and save the record as a animated GIF file. It is a simple but powerful GIF file maker. It comes with a lot of options to configure the record.

It is portable application so you don’t need to install. Just download the zip file, extract and run the app. The download file size is less than 2MB. You can download GifCams from below Download link.



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Automatically Take Screenshots with Auto Screen Capture

Auto Screen Capture is a free and open source Screenshot taking application for Windows. Using this application you can take screenshots at a chosen interval while you work and play games on your computer. In this application you can select the screen capture options from the system tray icon. From here you can select capture region and save it on your clipboard, auto Save or open in editor for edit. It supports automated screen capture sessions.

It also comes with build-in automated screen capture sessions calendar to help you keep track the screenshots taken. It is released under GNU General Public License (GPLv3).

Auto Screen Capture


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HTTP Downloader Download Manager

HTTP Downloader is a free and open source light-weight download manager for Windows.It is multi-part download manager. It uses high performance input/output completion ports (IOCP) to give maximum download speed. Using HTTP Downloader, you can Start, Pause, Stop, and Queue up to 100 downloads at a time. You can open thousands of connections at a time but with less system resources. It is a easy to use and simple but powerful download manager.

Http Downloader (more…)

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Pixia Painting Application and Graphics editor – Create Beautiful Digital Artworks

Pixia is a free raster painting application and graphics editor for Windows. Using this you can do the modern digital painting and artwork easily. It comes with tablet pressure sensitivity compatibility feature, layers support, built–in brushes panel, color and tone correction tools and Photoshop PSD file format support. It also comes with some basic painting tools like Blur, Rub, Dodge, Burn, Clone, Noise, and Stir.



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