CachyOS Arch Based Linux Distribution

CachyOS is a free and open source Arch based Linux distribution with improved performance and user friendly. It comes with latest LTO and x86-64-v3 optimization techniques, advanced BORE scheduler, Ananicy-CPP, ZRAM per-configured with zstd compression and more.




It supports almost all popular desktop environments including KDE, GNOME, XFCE, CuteFish, i3WM, Wayfire, LXQT, OpenBox, Cinnamon, UKUI, LXDE, Mate and Budgie. You can download and install using the online GUI ISO installer during the online installation process.

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Download CachyOS

How to Install CachyOS

In this below video you will see the installation method of CachyOS on Virtualbox. You can use the same method in real hardware also.




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