Batufo 2D Multiplayer Space Battle Game – How to install Batufo on Ubuntu

Batufo is a free and open source multiplayer game for Linux, Android, iOS and macOS. It is based on Flutter and Node.js and released under GPL-2.0 License . It is a UFO space battle game. It also comes with game level editor to design your own levels. In this game you can rotate your UFO using left and right arrow keys. Switch weapon using the down arrow or s key. Fire the weapon using space bar and apply the thrust using the up arrow or w key. This game is still in active development.

Install Batufo on Ubuntu

You can install Batufo 2D Multiplayer Space Battle Game via the snap package. Open your terminal application by using the ctrl+alt+t keys. And run this Batufo snap installation command.

sudo snap install batufo

Then enter the Ubuntu user password to confirm the installation. It will install the latest version of Batufo 2D Multiplayer Space Battle Game on Ubuntu.

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You can run this game using this command.


You can also open it from your applications menu. This is fun new simple game. You can also play directly in your browser.

Play Batufo

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