AMPPS 2.0 released

AMPPS 2.0 is now available for download.AMPPS is an Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python and Softaculous STACK for desktops and office servers (localhost).

what’s new in this version?

PHP 5.4 now for Mac too.
Added Task Manager for Endusers.
Added Error Logging system of Softaculous AMPPS which can be accessed from Softaculous Admin Panel.
Apache Modules can be configured from Enduser Panel now.
Basic PHP Configuration can be configured from Enduser Panel now.
Autoindexing in httpd.conf is now shifted in httpd-autoindex.conf
SSL Configuration is now shifted in httpd-ssl.conf from httpd-vhosts.conf

In case of port conflict, along with port 80, sensing of port 443 is also now enabled(Windows only).
Now users can take a backup before upgrading the script to newer version.
Now libpq.dll is loaded by default for pgsql support(Windows only).
Admin can now set default Username or Password suggested on script install form as Empty.
Turn off update available notification for script installations.
Now while adding FTP User from Enduser Panel, Home directory of User is not restricted to Ampps Path.
Improved the Softaculous packaging API.
Bug Fix : AMPPS will now sense only its own Apache, MySQL Server. Before it used to sense others too.
Bug Fix : Classes were not displayed in chrome due to SSL issue. This is fixed now.
Bug Fix : In case of failure during Restore process the exact error which caused failure was not displayed.

Download AMPPS 2.0

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